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Leaking Faucet Tap Repair

Saturday, April 23, 2016 - Posted by MPD Milton Plumber, in Milton Plumbers

 As the primary point for dispensing water, faucets are very important fixtures in any household because these are responsible for dispensing water. Thus, as a homeowner, you must make sure that your water valves are working properly all the time. If you’ve got a leaking tap or broken down faucet, you may need to know some do-it-yourself techniques to fix it.

A leaking tap is a common problem that homeowners often ignore. It may just be tiny droplets, but these add up to considerable water wastage. In short, your money simply goes down the drain. How do you resolve this issue? It’s simple: most leaks are caused by an uncontrolled discharge of water from the reservoir. An impermeable seal prevents water from flowing if the faucet is shut off. On the other hand, a busted washer will lead to leak problems. If this latter is your entire problem so all you have to do is replace this cheap tiny ring.

It is essential to shut down the water supply to your home at the main shut off valve at the water meter before you undertake any repair job. Or if there is shut off valves directly at the faucet tap, you can shut off and isolate the faucet repair directly at the source. Take off the nut from the spigot. Make sure to hold the valve tightly or you may end up with a leaking pipe or broken basin. Replace the old or worn-out washer. In order to replace any washer at the faucet shut off valve, the main water shut off valve to the home must be shut off and drained first.

Tighten the nut after you have replaced the washer. Change the water seat if the leak persist. Faucets made of brass material can become porous due to age. In this case, you will also need to change the entire tap.

Decorative accessories can be detached easily from handle knobs at the point where they connect it to the stem of the valve. Unfasten the screw as well. Put some all-purpose oil to help you loosen the screw. Use the wrench for twisting the packing nut. This is a small piece of hardware with screw thread. Examine the O-ring or mechanical gasket which can be found inside the spigot seat. Check the seat carefully to determine if this is the flat type or cone-shaped model. This ring is available in nearly all local hardware outlets.

Reassemble everything. See to it that you have reconnected all detached parts firmly and correctly. Turn the knob softly to test the water flow and see if you have fixed the leak. The culprit may be a deteriorated faucet in case the faucet continues to trickle after all the things you have done. Make sure to remedy and clean the tap seat. Otherwise, it can bring about seepage close to the faucet. Some other potential problems that require the attention of a Milton plumber are loose components and broken plumbing. Call Mayfield Plumbing and Drains for all your leaking faucet tap repairs and faucet installations. 647-229-3766

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How To Plumbing

Saturday, April 23, 2016 - Posted by MPD Oakville Plumber, in Oakville Plumber

 Here are some guidelines with which you will be able to do plumbing yourself and you can reduce the cost of a professional Oakville plumber. However, it is highly recommended to leave plumbing problems to a licensed plumber and not attempt yourself. Most plumbing problems which you may face in your home are:
  1. Leaks from toilets

  2. Clogs in drainage and toilet clogs

  3. Water dripping from faucets

These are common problems which every homeowner may face. When you see any of these problems you get annoyed and want to fix it by calling any plumber. Plumbing cost varies depending where you live, so it can be worth it to learn how to do some minor plumbing yourself. However, if you are uncomfortable doing your own plumbing maintenance, it is best to call your local licensed plumber for assistance. Let’s learn how to get rid of some of the more common household plumbing problems. .

There may be three kinds of leaks hidden leaks, patching leaks and toilet leaks. You can easily trace the hidden leak by hearing sound or you can also use an amplifying device or you also use a flash light to locate the leaks. When it starts leakage there are some signs which tell you that there is some leakage or going to be leak in near future. Symptoms involve soft wallboard, water on floors or discoloured areas. Tightening the joints can easily stop leakage or you this problem may be solved by using PVC. Patching leaks are visible so you can fix it by using patch kit, by replacing section pipe or by using hard rubber patch or special tape.

Toilet leaks occur due to misplacement of wax ring so it’s easy to fix by placing it at right place.

Usually you may face two types of clogs, drain clogs and toilet clogs. First you must find out the reason of clog. It takes place, is it hair in the pipes? is it a large obstruction? hair in pipe? or an unknown blockage?. Fix it by using a chemical cleaner, if not working then try to open clog by using hooked wire. Toilet bowl over flow tells you that there is clog. Do not take panic. It can be easy to fix. Most times a plunger can fix the problem. If plunger does not work then rapidly introducing fresh water can sort out problem by forcing a blockage to pass through. Often times too much toliet paper plus waste per flush can cause a flooded toilet. Avoid an overflow by lifting the float ball inside the tank to stop the incoming water or quickly shut off the toilet shut off valve. If the toilet is still clogged, there may be a bigger problem at hand, then call Mayfield Plumbing & Drains.

How to fix Drips

Drips are annoying because water drips waste litres of water some time tightening handle but it’s temporarily. Drips take place inside the spigot or faucet. You will find Ball Type, Ceramic Disk, Compression and Cartridge faucets after opening the tap with screw. Check out which part needs to be replaced. Buy it from hardware store then carefully arrange parts in order and yes drip is fixed. The best and most efficient way to fix leaks and drips is to call an experienced local plumbing company, or if you live in the Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton area, call Mayfield Plumbing and Drains (647) 229-3166(647) 229-3166.

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Reviewing Bathroom Faucets

Sunday, April 3, 2016 - Posted by MPD Mississauga Plumbing, in Mississauga Plumbing

  While some people fail to take this aspect into account, choosing the right kind of bathroom faucets can make such a considerable difference for your bathroom. No matter how nicely decorated your bathroom is, if you don’t choose the right kind of faucet, it can reflect on the overall feel of the bathroom. Whether you are looking for faucets for bathroom sinks, shower faucets, or for your bathroom vanities, there are a lot of options out there that would best suit your needs and preferences. With the number of faucet brands out there, it can often be challenging to choose which one is the best. If you are at a loss as to what kind of faucet to get for your bathroom, then you may want to consider the following major brands of bathroom faucets

Delta Faucet
Bathroom faucets from delta all combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Whether you are looking for something that employs a more modern design or something more traditional, you can trust that  Delta would deliver exactly what you need. You can take your pick from their wide rage of faucets that serve just about any purpose and preference.  A delta faucet purchased from retail outlets like Lowe’s or Home Depot will not contain the same internal materials as from a plumbing store.  If you are looking for quality then don’t hesitate to visit your local plumbing stores.  Most of them have some very elaborate displays that will give you a good idea of what is available for your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.  Delta Shower Faucets will also match the finish and style of other bathroom or tub fixtures.

Kohler has long been established in the industry and is widely-known as one of the best brands for faucets, showers, and other bathroom needs.  Kohler has taken bathroom design to the next level by providing innovative and aesthetically-pleasing solutions for all of your faucet needs. Choose from a wide range of sizes, colors, materials, and functions with their line of faucets  and you won’t be disappointed.  Kohler like all the others will have matching shower faucets.

American Standard
Anyone who has ever designed a bathroom before has heard of the brand of American Standard. You see this brand in a lot of residential and commercial bathrooms so it does not come as a surprise that they are considered to be an industry-standard when it comes to bathroom fixtures. If you are looking for bathroom faucets for your bathroom, then you may want to  consider American Standard, as they provide highly durable fixtures for your  needs. American standard shower faucets can be found everywhere you look, especially in homes about 20 years old.

From oil rubbed bronze bath bath faucets to traditional stainless-steel faucets, you can find just about any kind of faucet design and material from the brand. Whether you want single-handle bathroom faucet or double-handle faucets, it is easy to find what you are looking for, as Moen has a wide-range of options. You will find some huge Moen shower faucets on the market and I mean big shower heads.

A couple of other bathroom fixtures brands we haven’t mentioned are AquaSource, Grohe and Pfister.  Both are excellent products and you will find their product line comparable and competitive with the other brands. Just remember when you purchase any of these faucets that the valve that you currently have  will work with your new products.  Oftentimes you will need to switch out all the valves and guts of your faucets. Also if you go from a single handle to  double handle faucets make sure your center set holes will work for the new  faucet.

Choosing the right kind of bathroom faucets can be very easy if you know which brands provide the best solutions for your needs. if you are ever in need of a new faucet or a faucet replacement, consider the  aforementioned brands and you can never go wrong. We have started to see a switch over to vessel sinks and waterfall faucets.

For all your bathroom faucet installations and bathroom faucet repairs, call Mayfield Plumbing & Drains Mississauga plumbing specialists at 647-229-3766. Serving Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville and Vaughan areas.

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