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Time To Update Your Bathroom Faucets

Saturday, May 14, 2016 - Posted by MPD Milton Plumbing, in Milton Plumbers

 The bathrooms of a home are one of the most commonly used rooms of a house. Admit it; you spend most of your time in your home`s bathroom, just relaxing in that tub or standing under the shower. And since you have spent too much time in there, you get used to its look and feel that is has maybe become outdated.  If you want to have a bathroom overhaul to again experience its pleasure, you just have to fill in the lacking items and replace the old bathroom faucets with new modern durable ones. You also don’t need to spend that much money in replacing bathroom faucets; popular brands such as Moen, Delta Faucet, American Standard and Kohler sell many great faucets at reasonable prices.

When figuring out the best new look for your bathroom, you do not need to alter right away the positions of the things placed inside it. Your shower cubicle must be in your priority list and if it needs the best make-over, if replacing the shower curtains to the decorations is needed, then go ahead and do it. There are a lot of helpful ideas that you can also get from magazines and other people that you can trust. Milton plumber Mayfield Plumbing & Drains would be more than happy to help assist you in selecting the right bathroom faucets for your home. Call 647-229-3766 to schedule a service call appointment today!

Do you need to change them all or you only need to change shower and sink faucets, try to ponder upon various types of bathroom faucets. Check what you really need to replace in your bathroom by getting inside it and considering all the things that you may want to be changes inside it.  What would other people think of your new bathroom when they get there? Don’t just think about what you think is best for you and the over-all look of it. Try to consider the preferences of the other people that will use the space. Think of the other aspect of your bathroom like for example the floor. Make sure that your floor is not slippery and safe for children. Then also consider the height of the mirror. Try putting them in a regular height so everyone can use it.

If you share your bathroom with other users then you might need to come up with a plan for the bathroom that is applicable to all users. Aside from the faucet, the floor is the next best thing to update to change the look of your bathroom. It should not be slippery for everybody’s safety. Consider as well the height of the mirror. It is better to place it in such a way that even a small kid can reach it.But before you go all out on your bathroom make-over, do ask yourself first why you think you need to make-over your bathroom. Do you really need new bathroom faucets? How much you can afford? Do you really need a bathroom remodeling? These are the basic questions that you might need to consider first; from there you can get ideas for further actions.

For bathroom faucet installations, bathroom faucet repairs or bathroom faucet ideas, call Mayfield Plumbing & Drains (647) 229-3766

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Leaking Faucet Tap Repair

Saturday, April 23, 2016 - Posted by MPD Milton Plumber, in Milton Plumbers

 As the primary point for dispensing water, faucets are very important fixtures in any household because these are responsible for dispensing water. Thus, as a homeowner, you must make sure that your water valves are working properly all the time. If you’ve got a leaking tap or broken down faucet, you may need to know some do-it-yourself techniques to fix it.

A leaking tap is a common problem that homeowners often ignore. It may just be tiny droplets, but these add up to considerable water wastage. In short, your money simply goes down the drain. How do you resolve this issue? It’s simple: most leaks are caused by an uncontrolled discharge of water from the reservoir. An impermeable seal prevents water from flowing if the faucet is shut off. On the other hand, a busted washer will lead to leak problems. If this latter is your entire problem so all you have to do is replace this cheap tiny ring.

It is essential to shut down the water supply to your home at the main shut off valve at the water meter before you undertake any repair job. Or if there is shut off valves directly at the faucet tap, you can shut off and isolate the faucet repair directly at the source. Take off the nut from the spigot. Make sure to hold the valve tightly or you may end up with a leaking pipe or broken basin. Replace the old or worn-out washer. In order to replace any washer at the faucet shut off valve, the main water shut off valve to the home must be shut off and drained first.

Tighten the nut after you have replaced the washer. Change the water seat if the leak persist. Faucets made of brass material can become porous due to age. In this case, you will also need to change the entire tap.

Decorative accessories can be detached easily from handle knobs at the point where they connect it to the stem of the valve. Unfasten the screw as well. Put some all-purpose oil to help you loosen the screw. Use the wrench for twisting the packing nut. This is a small piece of hardware with screw thread. Examine the O-ring or mechanical gasket which can be found inside the spigot seat. Check the seat carefully to determine if this is the flat type or cone-shaped model. This ring is available in nearly all local hardware outlets.

Reassemble everything. See to it that you have reconnected all detached parts firmly and correctly. Turn the knob softly to test the water flow and see if you have fixed the leak. The culprit may be a deteriorated faucet in case the faucet continues to trickle after all the things you have done. Make sure to remedy and clean the tap seat. Otherwise, it can bring about seepage close to the faucet. Some other potential problems that require the attention of a Milton plumber are loose components and broken plumbing. Call Mayfield Plumbing and Drains for all your leaking faucet tap repairs and faucet installations. 647-229-3766

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Plumbing Tips For Clogged Drains

Monday, February 22, 2016 - Posted by MPD Milton Plumber, in Milton Plumbers

 Milton, Ontario home owners and business owners are frequently inquiring for plumbing tips and tactics to avoid wasting money on home repair and home maintenance. Having slow drains and/or blocked drain pipes is a common household plumbing issue, which many times one can relieve the problem with the ease and often at low cost. In order to avoid spending money on hiring an expert Milton plumber (such as Mayfield Plumbing & Drains), you must learn to do some home maintenance repairs yourself, if possible. It is always recommend to leave larger plumbing issues and larger blocked drains for the licensed professional plumbers, as they will have the skills and experience to properly fix any plumbing problem you may have.

One of the most common slow drains and clogged drains to discover is the bathtub. Should you discover that your tub appears to be emptying water slower than normal, then you definitely must take a look for human hair choking up the p-trap. Eradicating hair discovered on the surface is as straightforward as cleaning the strands up. Remove the overflow cover and screw and cover the overflow pipe with a towel or rag. Then using a plunger, plunge the bathtub tub several times. You may loosen any hair and build and it may unclog itself. If a plunger doesn't work, try using a small hand held manual drain snake. Fish the drain snake cable through the overflow pipe opening. Once the cable is in the p-trap, turn the snake several times to unclog the trap. If hair was clogging the trap, you may see it on the cable as you retrieve the snake.

For bathroom basin sink slow drains and clogs, similar tips are recommended as for the blocked bathtub drain above. Blocking the sink overflow hole with a towel or rag, using a small plunger, plunge the sink drain. If it is a small blockage or slow drain, the plunger may work well. If the plunger does not work, removing the p-trap and emptying the contents may be the next step. Often times debris will build up in the p-trap, causing the basin sink blockage and/or slow drain. If a plunger and removing the trap do not work, you may have to call in your local licensed plumber to get the job done.

And now we come to the dreaded toilet clog. Blocked toilet drains usually happen at the worst possible time. One must be careful not to put too much toilet paper along with waste into one flush, as it could clog. The best way to avoid toilet clogs is to separate flushes. While it may not seem the best way to conserve water, it will however, in many cases, avoid a clogged toilet. Using a plunger will often times clear the toilet blockage. If a plunger fails, try using an auger. If the auger fails, again, it may be time to call in the professional plumber.

In all cases, small drain clogs and slow drains can often be cleared using the tips mentioned above. But it is always better to call your local licensed plumber to clear any clogged drains. Make Mayfield Plumbing & Drains your Milton plumber for all your plumbing needs from clogged drains, toilet installations to general plumbing repairs. Call 647.229.3766. 

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