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Low Water Pressure In Houses

Saturday, May 7, 2016 - Posted by MPD Mississauga Plumbers, in Mississauga Plumbing

 When a home has water pressure that is too low it can seem like every task must be completed in slow motion. It’s hard to rinse the dishes or even your hair, and appliances like washing machines take forever to fill on each cycle.

The flushing operation of a toilet is not affected since a properly filled tank is all it needs for a good flush, but it may seem to take forever for the tank to fill back up after a flush. If you notice the symptoms at more than one location in the home, then the pressure coming into the home may be insufficient.

Possible Causes Of Low Water Pressure

A low water pressure situation could appear out of thin air and you are on a municipal water supply, it may be a neighbourhood-wide problem. To follow up on this, check with neighbours or the water supplier to see if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem which indicates a problem in their system and not your home. Always take extra precaution and call a local licensed plumber to verify the problem of the low water pressure. If you live in the Peel area, call Mississauga plumber Mayfield Plumbing & Drains for all your low water pressure problems and solutions.

If it is only in your home and all areas are affected, the problem may be with a pressure regulator if your home is large enough it may have one installed. These are normally installed in the water supply system before it reaches the house, so may be found near the water meter or in the home mechanical room.

Those using well water, either an individual well or community well, are likely to find the problem with a pressure tank or a gauge. If the problem is with the well itself or the water pump, the end result is more likely to be no water at all than low pressure, so the well is rarely the culprit when the pressure is simply weak.

Other Possible Causes Of Low Water Pressure

Even when the incoming water pressure is adequate, it is still possible to have pressure problems. The best way to determine the cause is to check all the water outlets inside the house to determine if they are all affected or only some. In low water pressure in home situations, it is always best to call a local licensed plumber to help correctly diagnoses the reason for the low water pressure problem and how to correctly fix it. The pressured water supply system in a home is a serious matter and best left to the licensed professionals.

Pipes that have become filled with mineral deposits may finally reach a point where the pressure is reduced throughout the house. When replacing old pipes, it is sometimes amazing to see how much material can be inside a pipe that still functions and people often wonder, upon seeing the old pipes, how they had any pressure at all. So, the problem can get pretty severe before it is actually noticed. Many old parts of the GTA and surrounding with older homes may still have galvanized steel pipes that corrode over time and produce low water pressure problems. To replace and update old piping to new, call Mayfield Plumbing & Drains or your local area licensed plumber.

However, if a seeming whole-house problem develops rather suddenly, this often happens after some disruption in the water supply, even when it was a planned repair. If you have noticed recent construction or street work in your neighbourhood, then some very small material may have come through the pipes and plugged the water service supply.

If you can see a crack near the end of your faucet, then it probably has an aerator and this can easily be removed and cleaned. When the end is attached too tightly to remove with your hand, place a rubber glove or something similar between the faucet and a pair of pliers or wrench to protect the faucet while you turn and remove the end piece. Make a note of how the pieces fit together so you know how to put it back together. Again, DIY is not always the safest route, even on minor plumbing repairs; it is highly recommended to leave all home plumbing problems to the certified plumber professionals.

Sometimes a minor pressure problem can seem larger than it is if the home already has water-saving devices installed, especially if they become clogged for some reason. If the problem persists and the cause cannot be determined at this point, it is time to have a licensed plumber help with further trouble-shooting to be certain that the pressure is adequate for appliances to function properly without damage. For low water pressure problems and plumbing solutions, call Mayfield Plumbing & Drains at (647) 229-3166. Proudly serving the Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton and surrounding areas.

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Reviewing Bathroom Faucets

Sunday, April 3, 2016 - Posted by MPD Mississauga Plumbing, in Mississauga Plumbing

  While some people fail to take this aspect into account, choosing the right kind of bathroom faucets can make such a considerable difference for your bathroom. No matter how nicely decorated your bathroom is, if you don’t choose the right kind of faucet, it can reflect on the overall feel of the bathroom. Whether you are looking for faucets for bathroom sinks, shower faucets, or for your bathroom vanities, there are a lot of options out there that would best suit your needs and preferences. With the number of faucet brands out there, it can often be challenging to choose which one is the best. If you are at a loss as to what kind of faucet to get for your bathroom, then you may want to consider the following major brands of bathroom faucets

Delta Faucet
Bathroom faucets from delta all combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Whether you are looking for something that employs a more modern design or something more traditional, you can trust that  Delta would deliver exactly what you need. You can take your pick from their wide rage of faucets that serve just about any purpose and preference.  A delta faucet purchased from retail outlets like Lowe’s or Home Depot will not contain the same internal materials as from a plumbing store.  If you are looking for quality then don’t hesitate to visit your local plumbing stores.  Most of them have some very elaborate displays that will give you a good idea of what is available for your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.  Delta Shower Faucets will also match the finish and style of other bathroom or tub fixtures.

Kohler has long been established in the industry and is widely-known as one of the best brands for faucets, showers, and other bathroom needs.  Kohler has taken bathroom design to the next level by providing innovative and aesthetically-pleasing solutions for all of your faucet needs. Choose from a wide range of sizes, colors, materials, and functions with their line of faucets  and you won’t be disappointed.  Kohler like all the others will have matching shower faucets.

American Standard
Anyone who has ever designed a bathroom before has heard of the brand of American Standard. You see this brand in a lot of residential and commercial bathrooms so it does not come as a surprise that they are considered to be an industry-standard when it comes to bathroom fixtures. If you are looking for bathroom faucets for your bathroom, then you may want to  consider American Standard, as they provide highly durable fixtures for your  needs. American standard shower faucets can be found everywhere you look, especially in homes about 20 years old.

From oil rubbed bronze bath bath faucets to traditional stainless-steel faucets, you can find just about any kind of faucet design and material from the brand. Whether you want single-handle bathroom faucet or double-handle faucets, it is easy to find what you are looking for, as Moen has a wide-range of options. You will find some huge Moen shower faucets on the market and I mean big shower heads.

A couple of other bathroom fixtures brands we haven’t mentioned are AquaSource, Grohe and Pfister.  Both are excellent products and you will find their product line comparable and competitive with the other brands. Just remember when you purchase any of these faucets that the valve that you currently have  will work with your new products.  Oftentimes you will need to switch out all the valves and guts of your faucets. Also if you go from a single handle to  double handle faucets make sure your center set holes will work for the new  faucet.

Choosing the right kind of bathroom faucets can be very easy if you know which brands provide the best solutions for your needs. if you are ever in need of a new faucet or a faucet replacement, consider the  aforementioned brands and you can never go wrong. We have started to see a switch over to vessel sinks and waterfall faucets.

For all your bathroom faucet installations and bathroom faucet repairs, call Mayfield Plumbing & Drains Mississauga plumbing specialists at 647-229-3766. Serving Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville and Vaughan areas.

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About Moen Bath Faucets

Sunday, March 13, 2016 - Posted by MPD Mississauga Plumber, in Mississauga Plumbing

  Creative features that are truly from Moen bath faucets are well identified from other faucet brands on the market. Moen has styles unlike anyone else. These dependable faucets will surely last a lifetime. Year after year, rest assured that Moen bath faucets glow. And, it’s pumped up features make all Moen products dependable, lasting, and elegant. With Moen, you’ll always find the importance of styles you’ll love and you cannot live without. Buy it for style. Buy it forever. Many professional plumbers recommend Moen faucets to clients, for good reason.

Matte and glossy finishes are all there to be faucets that can last a lifetime. Another one of Moen bath faucets great inventions are the cartridges. For decades, they have been the pioneer in the creation of a mixing cartridge led to the creation of the single-handle faucet. The single cartridge is the next step in faucet revolution. These faucets can really give the best function more than any brands can. With the warranty programs that they offer, they assure you that they can replace whatever style you are not satisfied with, and Moen will be more than happy to replace the fixtures for you. Let the company know how you feel about its services and products.

A stainless steel lever leads a durable handle connection for suave usage, while a stainless steel pin is aligned into the style for power on all handle movements. The result is sleek performance that can seem to be new. This idea in Moen bath faucets gives you sliding usages and rotating knobs too.

When renovating or remodelling a new bathroom, style and price are pluses. Moen is a special faucet name that creates many of these. Moen bathroom faucets are designed to be seamless and minimize the look and purpose of faucet design. Moen offers a wide variety of designs to fit any home. It doesn’t matter how big the family is or how many bathrooms you have in your home. Moen faucets include pull out spray faucets, a variety of handle options, and a wide selection of finishes and colours. Every Moen faucet comes with a warranty and quality manufacturing.

These bathroom faucets and sinks provide a functional upgrade while revving up the most visited area in your home. Choose from single- and double-handle faucets with features designed to make things swift. Do you need a chrome sink or faucet? No worries, Moen has so much to offer! Moen also offers matching bar faucets and bar sinks for that dirty kitchen area. Whether you design, Moen bath faucets and bath share the designs and function that every home maker needs.

In the bath area, if you’re changing out an outdated faucet or you’re doing renovation, think of a Moen faucet, bathtub, and shower, etc. These bathroom faucets promise your shower experience is more than just washing away the day’s grime and worries. Their vertical spas feature everything from many usages head showers, movable body shower, and regular faucets.
Now is the time to change your Moen bath faucets and feel how it’s like to have the nicest bathrooms and luxurious faucets that won’t really be expensive. There are more reasons why you need to replace your old faucets and grab the latest design today. Hurry to your nearest store and change those old nasty ones.

For all your Moen bath faucets and all Moen faucet needs from installations to repairs, call Mayfield Plumbing & Drains 647-229-3766